Corporate Overview

The growth of large executive recruiting "supermarkets" combined with the dynamic evolution and consolidation of industry on a global and national level has increased client conflicts restricting the ability of many search firms to perform. Qualified search firms with minimal client conflicts and access to the largest pool of potential candidates are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Securing executive search services for critical staffing needs and key management positions can often be as challenging for industry as finding the right candidate.

A. J. PALUMBO & ASSOCIATES, Inc. was founded in 1987 to provide executive search services to the financial services industry and structured to address those specific issues. Our goal is to focus on a few in-depth client relationships and apply the highest professional standards, creativity and flexibility of approach.

We are committed to providing superior quality service through the recruitment and referral of outstanding performers in a time sensitive and cost effective manner. Our firm is staffed with experienced and proven specialists that will assist you in every aspect of the recruiting process.

We actively recruit candidates with more than just their technical experience in mind. We are skilled in evaluating the intangibles. We are experienced intermediaries in negotiations for stock options, hiring bonuses, relocation and contracts.

With A. J. PALUMBO & ASSOCIATES, Inc. you deal directly with the principal of the firm and specialists trained in the specific banking or finance discipline of your assignment. We represent your interests during each phase of the search process.