Fees and Expenses


A. J. PALUMBO & ASSOCIATES, Inc.'s fee is thirty percent (30%) of the first year's cash compensation. This includes the base salary, cash sign-on and/or guaranteed bonus payments. Non-cash, deferred compensation, equity payments, performance bonuses, or cash relocation payments are not included.


Directly related out-of-pocket travel and interviewing expenses are charged. These involve no mark-up and are shared between clients whenever possible. A detailed expense report is submitted with all charges.

Schedule of Payment

Retainer fees are billed in three installments, based on the following milestone events:

  1. With the submission and acceptance of our position description.
  2. Upon commencement of home office referrals.
  3. Upon candidate's first day of employment.

Directly related out-of-pocket expenses are billed as incurred.