The Search Process


  • Client meeting to gain knowledge of the firm, specific areas, products and corporate personality.
  • Analysis of the specific need and position mandate and the creation of a working job description for presentation to the prospective candidates. This will include an overview of the duties and responsibilities, short and long-term goals and required projects, and the anticipated time line for their completion.
  • Letter of confirmation.

Result: An understanding of the position's requirements, search timetable and expenses.


  • A. J. PALUMBO & ASSOCIATES, Inc. file search based on market knowledge through our fully automated and extensive relational database.
  • Original research and sourcing of knowledgeable executives, targeting our client's most successful competitors and top performing firms in related industries.
  • A verbal review of potential candidate sources with the client, with formal research and assignment status reports submitted on request.

Result: The basis is formed for an organized approach to candidate recruitment.

Recruiting and Screening

  • Direct telephone contact initiated with the target prospect group to develop candidate interest and to conduct preliminary screening.
  • Further telephone discussion scheduled at the candidate's convenience, encompassing salary validation, career history and current position, major accomplishments and contributions to the bottom line, and an in-depth discussion of the client requirements and expectations.

Result: Feedback gained on attractiveness of the position while maintaining client confidentiality, and the creation of a preliminary long list of potentially qualified and interested candidates.

Field Interview

  • Face-to-face evaluation and final screening of potential candidates to determine compatibility with the client.
  • Confirm technical qualifications and accomplishments. Assess current and future motivation.
  • Position requirements further explained.
  • Selling the opportunity to qualified candidates.

Result: Candidate appropriateness is determined efficiently and confidentially prior to referral.

Client Interview

  • Written candidate reports and evaluations submitted by A. J. PALUMBO & ASSOCIATES, Inc.
  • Client/Candidate interviews arranged and scheduled.
  • Objective candidate and client feedback on interviews is gathered, monitored and shared between the candidate and client.

Result: After interviewing, mutual interest is further established through effective sharing of information to insure accurate assessments and perceptions leading to the hiring decision.

Reference Checks and Negotiation of Compensation

  • A. J. PALUMBO & ASSOCIATES, Inc., upon request, will contact former employers and associates to complete a formal reference report verifying the candidate's responsibilities, accomplishments, education, and personal traits. An emphasis is placed on an individual's ability to adjust to the client's environment and their potential to advance.
  • A. J. PALUMBO & ASSOCIATES, Inc. acts as the intermediary between client and candidate in the negotiation of actual salary, bonus, incentive compensation, start date and relocation requirements if appropriate.

Result: The process culminates in an offer, acceptance and successful hire in a timely manner.

Follow Up

  • Contact is maintained to ensure that both client and candidate expectations are fulfilled.